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The Big Event

Updated: Aug 2

Planning your death should be a daily occurrence.

It might be true that you cannot choose the way you checkout but you have the power to choose how you are going to react and feel about it.

The same as any other event in your life that you plan and attend, this one should count the most, right? Reminding yourself before bed and upon waking that this might be your last day alive enables you to live a fuller day ahead.

Say things you want to say and do things you want to do. It takes focus, practise and determination to plan any upcoming event so why aren't you focusing on the most important one that only you can prepare for?

You're entire life depends on your last moments of breath. I choose to leave this world without regret, without fear and in a state of love and gratitude therefore I choose to live in reality and know, absolutely, that today might be my last.

It is my mature, responsible-self writing and not my old delusional-self believing that I could be immortal.

Natasha Girard

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